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CMC Fine Art Show Awards

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

The 8th Annual Vail Valley Fine Art Show featured works of 39 local artists in the halls of CMC Edwards. We are pleased so many of our artists won awards at the show! Congratulations all!

Best of Show, Jurors Choice, Ellen, Stone, Santa Fe Horse Neck, Wildlife/Animals

Best of Show, Zackary, Bukovich, Self Portrait, Figure/Portrait

Best of Show, Pamela, Olson, Lotus Vessel, Sculpture

Best of Show, Andrew, Pranger, Apollo Is Not At The Forge of Vulcan, Still Life

Blue Ribbon, Raymond, Bleesz, Tribute to Bauhaus Art #1 2021, Abstract

Blue Ribbon, Zackary, Bukovich, February, 3pm, Still Life

Blue Ribbon, Trish, Donovan, Giving Love Through Books, Landscape

Blue Ribbon, Dana, Dunbar, Big Bog and his Escorts, Wildlife/Animals

Blue Ribbon, Soodi, Kick, Nature Talks To Me, Abstract

Blue Ribbon, Raj, Manickam, Father & Daughter, Figure/Portrait

Blue Ribbon, Cathleen, McKinzie, Winterscape, Abstract

Blue Ribbon, Scott, Pope, Winter...Eagle River Valley, Landscape

Blue Ribbon, Bev, Ruiz, Recharge, Abstract

Honorable Mention, Carol, Calinoff, Heart Leaf, Still Life

Honorable Mention, Tamra, Converse, Landing 2, Landscape

Honorable Mention, Vida, Kijauskas, Native Americana, Abstract

Honorable Mention, Melissa, Lipton, Rise Above, Landscape

Honorable Mention, Melissa, Lipton, Shattered, Figure/Portrait

Honorable Mention, Raj, Manickam, Charcoal - Wildfire, Abstract

Honorable Mention, Melissa, Nelson, Finger Painting, Figure/Portrait

Honorable Mention, Tara, Novak, Awakening Lotus, Abstract

Honorable Mention, Richard, Spitzer, Grizzly Shooter, Wildlife/Animals

Honorable Mention, Margaret, Thomas, Fire Mountain, Abstract

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