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Really Affordable Really Cool Art Fair

The Affordable Art Event in Minturn netted some $3000 in sales which is outstanding, all going to furthering the Guild, all donated items at $100 or less. There was a lot of work in the event—the planning stages, the connection to the Bunkhouse, the staging of the event at the Bunkhouse and the list continues. This may have been one of our most successful events, ever.

On Friday afternoon, at the Eagle gallery, several of us met Woody & his trailer which hauled stuff up to the garage at the Bunkhouse—chairs, tables, tent, racks, banners, and all matter of “stuff to put on the event”. At 8am, Saturday morning at Lynne’s & Woody’s shed, the massive amt of affordable art stuff, all donated items from Guild members, was loaded into cars & trucks to haul down to the Bunkhouse—Chris, myself, Bob, Lynne and Rick.

Guild Ladies provide cookies in great quantities which was appreciated by those in attendance. Guild Posters* were given out, complimentary. People were complimentary and pleasant—this was no Beaver Creek event, so people seemed to enjoy the Norman Rockwellian atmosphere. (*Posters of Historic Downtown Minturn Buildings were drawn, created by and generously donated by Beth Levine).

Then at the Bunkhouse, all of the material, all the stuff needed to be set up prior to the opening of the event at 10am.—Banners unfurled, colorful decorations & signs placed, art work staged according to whatever—frames, art work framed and unframed, metal structures were set up and art work hung. Those in attendance did sales work on each & others pieces of art. A paid musician & caricature artist was present for “atmosphere".

At the end of the event, all had to be taken back to the gallery, less those items sold which “made the day for us”.

Rick’s knowledge and technical ability to make “sales” on the wireless internet system enabled the event to have sales & be successful.

The Team Work of those involved in the Affordable Art Work Sale was outstanding as it took team work to accomplish this event—and it was a long tiring day.

Well done to those who made it happen.

Raymond A. Bleesz Photographer/Histographer VVAG Board Member VVAGP Co Founder CPAC Member Since Since 1976 "Alumni Student”, Utah State University, ’68 & 70 Alama Mater,—Jared Ragland, Mentor & Professor, presently.

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