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Vail Public Library Exhibit

VVAG members Melissa Nelson, Lynn Feiger, Christine Sena, Patti Dixon, Heather Barrie and Becky Kiser attended painting workshops in Quillan, France and Algeciras, Spain, in 2022 and 2023.

The workshops were hosted by Mike Snow (artist), his partner, Timothy White (photographer & gourmet chef), and Salvador Doggie (guard dog extraordinaire)! Mike and Timothy open their homes and studios to painters for weeklong painting and critique sessions. These workshops included researching subjects and using acrylic paints to complete each assignment.

The exhibit at the Vail Public Library is a collection of the works created during these workshops. It is a vibrant and colorful display, so if you are up in Vail, stop by at the public library and see it for yourself. The exhibit will be on display until November 30th during normal operating hours.

To find the Vail Public Library location and hours of operation, as well as, days they may be closed for Thanksgiving, please click Vail Public Library

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