Rosie Burkie

Rosie Burki grew up in Bern, Switzerland. While in school she always liked drawing and singing and got the best grades in school. In 1967 she immigrated to Toronto, Canada to meet up with her fiancé. There, she completed work on a painting in 1969 made directly with tubes of paint on canvas. It ended up winning the “Best Modernistic Art Ribbon”. In 1970 she moved to Corpus Christi, Texas- from cold to hot weather.

There, her work focused on Sea Shell Art and selling it on the T heads. In 1977, with two little children, she moved to a better climate, to ski and camp with family arriving in the Gore Valley and is still here today playing music and painting with VVAG and WCDA / SDP. This keeps her love of painting going and she is still enjoying life in this Valley.