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Christine Sena


I use inspiration from my own photographs to develop paintings in oil, watercolor and pastel. The Guild's art and photography members provide welcome critiques which have have encouraged me to move forward with my art and experiment in new mediums and techniques.

At an early age, Christine was encouraged by her mother, an artist, to take classes at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. With studies in Landscape Architecture from UMass Amherst and Virginia Tech, her artistic skills were employed when creating sketches and renderings for various design projects.

She then moved on to environmental work and eventually ended up as a manager for national and international judicial programs. After 32 years working in the public sector, she retired in 2002 and relocated to Edwards, CO, to be closer to her daughter and her family.

The Guild has given her the opportunity to coordinate with our public libraries, private venues and Colorado Mountain College to develop exhibits which display our members' work to their best advantage.

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