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We have three locations that host ongoing exhibits in Avon, Beaver Creek and Eagle. Our galleries provide opportunities for members and community by hosting exhibitions, classes & workshops.  

Our "brick and motar" galleries help build awareness of the artistic talent in Eagle County.

Why should you visit one of our galleries?

1. Exposure to diverse and high-quality art made by local artists: Our art galleries feature a wide range of artwork from both established and emerging artists. This provides our members and community with the opportunity to experience and appreciate different styles, mediums, and perspectives.

2. Educational opportunities: Our galleries often host artist talks, workshops, and other educational events that allow members and the community to learn about the art and the creative process. This can be especially beneficial for students and aspiring artists.

3. Cultural enrichment: Art galleries contribute to the cultural fabric of a community by showcasing local to our diverse population including guests from all over the world. This exposure to different cultures and perspectives can broaden one's understanding and appreciation of the world.

210 Offerson Rd, Beaver Creek, CO 81620, USA

Open anytime during normal hotel business hours

Vail Valley Art Guild, West 2nd Street, Eagle, CO, USA

Open for special events only

The Charter at Beaver Creek, Offerson Road, Beaver Creek, CO, USA

Open anytime during normal hotel business hours

Stop by the reception desk to pick up our self-guided walking tour booklet

Avon, CO, USA

Open for special events only

Full opening anticipated Fall 2024

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