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Soodi Kick

Impressionist Painter

In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how
to make poems. You dance inside my chest where
no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight
becomes this art.” ― Rumi
As I find my thoughts floating in the space, creating perception of forms and make reality out of unreal, so does paint on the wet canvas, running around the edges of wetness finds its way to make patterns and shapes that look real. With my marking I start highlighting and bringing out these patterns into life and essence, making shapes to become familiar. Animals and figures arising to hold hand with angelsand trees become the antelopes and goats. Life can be chaotic at times and so is the artists canvas before
it manifests into fusion of order among the emptiness.

I am Soodi Kick, born in Iran, moved to United States, met and married my husband at Ohio University,
became a US citizen, and started my early carriers in Architecture and then in Nutrition. I started painting
in university and continued taking classes, part time. A couple of years ago we retired and since then I have
been spending more of my time doing art. I am an impressionist painter, with emphasis in figurative arts. I have the intention to become a full time artist and a part of this commitment is how to dedicate more time, producing and developing my style. Using man made and recycled materials on canvas, to bring texture and unity in my art work, is one of the areas of interest and work plan. We moved to Raleigh several years ago and I have visited Art Space and have fallen in love with the concept and energy in the space given to artist. Now we are in the process of returning to Eagle County and I hope to bring some of my experiences from back east to the Guild and community to keep building an appreciation of the arts in the valley.

Vail Valley Art Guild (VVAG) - Eagle County, Colorado
Co-President: Jan 2023-present
Member: 2015-Present
VVAG is composed of many talented artists, who paint together, run an existing gallery in Eagle, Colorado, and participate and manage continuing courses in art education. I have been a part time member of this group and participated in juried and non-juried art shows. I have sold many art pieces to individuals in the Vail Valley area.

Dunwoody Fine Art Association (DFAA) - Dunwoody, Georgia
Member: 2008-2015
DFAA is a very active membership of fine artists who show in the local areas of the city and have classes in art . I was an active part time member for many years, showing in juried art shows, and selling my art and taking classes.

Spruil Art Center - Atlanta, Georgia
Member: 2000-2015
I have been a member of Spruil Art Center, taking part in many advanced courses and worked in finding
my style and techniques.

Ohio University: Architecture Degree, with minor in Art, 1973
Spruill Art Center in Atlanta Georgia: classes in advanced composition, mixed media painting and
drawing, Color Theory
Colorado Mountain College: classes in mixed media, oil and watercolor

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