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2023 VVAG Survey Result

Thank you to our members and subscribers who took the time to fill out the survey we sent out in November!

The goal of the 2023 survey was to provide the Board Members with feedback from our members and subscribers in order to inform decisions about programming for 2024 in regard to workshops, gallery use, member satisfaction, etc.

The survey provided information about areas needing further survey questioning in 2024. There will be more opportunities to give us feedback in 2024 as the VVAG plans to send out targeted surveys to the Artist and Photographer Groups.


Key Observations

  1. VVAG membership has increased from 89 members to 124 members in the past year, with an increase in membership from the Down Valley area. The Eagle Gallery is an integral part of downtown Eagle and is currently under-utilized.

  2. VVAG members would like opportunities to improve their skills, learn new skills and keep making connections with other members in the fine arts community. Members would like more exposure for themselves and their work through featured member months, solo exhibit opportunities and less restrictive themes.

  3. Need clarity and execution for membership tiers, donations, and benefits. Members showed interest in potentially having tiered membership with varying benefits. Find ways to communicate more transparently on how donations and funding are used for different programming.


The attached report highlights the results of the survey.

Note: Not all questions in the survey are presented in the report for clarity and brevity. Some items have been reserved for discussion at a later time.

2023 VVAG Survey Report
Download PDF • 257KB

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