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2nd Friday Piano Reveal

By Elke Wells

What a special evening in Downtown Eagle for 2nd Friday. A crowd gathered at the corner of Broadway and 2nd Street, in front of Broadway Station, for the EagleARTS Community Piano Project reveal. Some seriously talented young pianists wowed the crowd with their piano playing and as the night progressed and they traded in and out, the playing got better and better!

I had never really thought about painting a piano before. Sometime at the end of July, Tara Novak asked me if I wanted to paint the piano as it had been sitting at ARTSPaCE for quite sometime. After some thought, I said "yes" because how often do you get a chance to paint a piano? It was truly a labor of love and seeing it come to life as it was being played made my heart very happy!!!

Thank you to everyone who came out to see the reveal and to Tara for this amazing opportunity. I would especially like to thank Sadie Hoiland, Jackson Brookes, Samantha Maule and William Baca-Pika for sharing their talent with us. They made the reveal truly special!!!

The Community Piano is currently in front of Broadway Station, next to Red Canyon Café. Stop on by and see it for yourself. Anyone who would like to play it, can and should (if covered, feel free to take the cover off and re-cover when you are finished).

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