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ALL Member Meeting - Aug. 20th

(Edited for brevity from list serve email sent out by Raymond Bleesz - August 21st)

(Pictures are a mix sent by Joann Carhart Levy, Chris Sena & Raymond Bleesz)

Yesterday, at the Patti Dixon house in Eby Creek, there was a prior open invitation sent out to all Artists & Photogs, spouses & friends in the Guild to participate in a “painters Rendezvous”, a late afternoon to paint, socialize & partake of the food and spirits which people bought to the table as the sun set. There was a “birthday” amongst the gathered people.

Patti’s backyard served as a backdrop for the painters for the evening and her backyard was very nicely arranged, formatted & landscaped (a la natural). Very Nice Patti & Harold!

It was an enjoyable event.

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