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Christian Dore Workshop

Our first workshop of 2023, at ARTSPaCE in Eagle, was amazing! We had so much fun! Christian is a wonderful instructor - funny, encouraging, gracious, talented...

We started out the day introducing ourselves. Afterwards, we watched a demonstration on how to sketch shapes, any shape that spoke to the individual. Once we had sketched for about 45 minutes or so, we moved on to filling in a small square with the shapes we had drawn earlier - overlapping them to fill the square and creating new shapes. Then we had another demonstration showing how to fill the various spaces with dark, medium and no shading to create an image with depth and forming more new spaces within the image. After a wonderful lunch from Red Canyon Café (thank you Joann for ordering for all of us), we started painting on our canvases and eventually painting black lines using our sketched shapes. Every step of the way, we had a demonstration and then went back and worked on our own paintings. It is amazing how just using three colors (unbleached titanium white, black and a color of your choice) can produce such an intricate piece of work with different tints and shades to fill in between the painted lines. Lastly, we started painting over our canvases to create a shape over the original, constantly working back and forth, sometimes re-adding our black lines, sometimes covering entire sections.

I think I can speak for everyone at the workshop when I say that we had a great time!!!

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