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Roaring Fork Valley Art Trip

Several VVAG Members toured the Powers Art Center in Carbondale, Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass, and Aspen Art Museum in Aspen, on Thursday, June 8th.

The Powers Art Center is a museum dedicated to contemporary art. The views from the museum alone are stunning. Their newest exhibits are Seasons of Change - Works by Jasper Johns exploring the fragility of the passage of time and American Pop Art - Works by Robert Rauschenberg, Tom Wesselmann, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, James Rosenquist and Claes Oldenburg. To learn more about these exhibits and the Powers Art Center visit

Members also visited and ate lunch at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center. The Ranch has an outdoor sculpture exhibition, the ArtWorks Store, Gallery and Café. Several of our own VVAG members have painted at the Ranch. The Ranch has lectures and visiting artists through out the year, so to learn more visit

Thank you Joann Carhart Levy for taking and sharing photos of the trip!

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