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Volunteer Day at Mountain Valley Horse Rescue

As written in an email by Raymond Bleesz (06/17/2023)

Today, at 9 am, with a slight drizzle & indications of clear weather to the West, we met at CMC—those being Laura Moore, Laurie Brower, Mark who was standing in for Soodi, Ellen and myself.

We travelled up 131 to the Colo Rd cutoff, the road being somewhat muddy at that point, and into the Horse Rescue Ranch site where there were a good number of other vehicles—volunteers who came to help out with ranch chores, a good number of younger people as well as kids.

After an introduction, those in attendance signed paper work, and one automatically became a future volunteer if one chose to do so. Chores included putting horse manure in buckets from the various stalls and which was then picked up by a ATV/trailer & hauled off to a dumping site. One could, if one desired, drive this combo to the dumping site as a volunteer experience.

Enclosed are some pictures of the event and of various sightings this photographer saw. It was an enjoyable event as the weather cleared up and to the West the sun broke out giving a nice “horsey” feeling .

Note: There will be other “volunteer” days going into the summer. So if you cancelled perhaps to the inclement weather or had other responsibilities, then there will be another opportunity.

Further Note: This would be an opportunity for the Guild to build a “relationship” with this horse rescue organization. It certainly gives one an opportunity to get down to the ranching heritage, where the horse has been the historical animal of the West.

Raymond A. Bleesz


VVAGP Co Founder

CPAC Member Since 1976

To learn more about Mountain Valley Horse Rescue visit

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How do I volunteer with Vail Valley Art Guild for this horse rescue.?

I would like to car share/ travel with someone.


970 393 6633

Me gusta
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