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“Ethereal”  50”x40”x3” acrylic and ink on canvas. This painting made me fall in love with Liquitex’s Unbleached Titanium White. It brought an Ethereal quality to this composition: so light and satisfying, it seems too perfect. This Colorado mountain range is in ivory, sienna, and blue. It encapsulates the majestic and almost otherworldly quality of the my home in Vail.


Ethereal by Margo Thomas

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    Ms. Thomas lives in Edwards, CO full time.  She discovered art in 2001, starting with human figure drawing and watercolors, studying at the Art Students League of Denver and in Chicago at the Palette & Chisel Art Academy.  Her goal is to communicate harmony through visual experiences. Inspired by the Colorado mountains, her subjects are based in nature and family.  She recently endeavored into the world of AI and found a "sweet spot" for using it as an amazing tool for creatives.

    ​​Mediums of choice include oil, ink, mica, and acrylics. Some of her pieces have been digitized for large scale printing and embellishment to fit taste and room space.

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    Margo Thomas

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