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48"x55" plus black satin float frame.  This winter landscape provide a refreshing view of nature with a modern edginess. I hope this touches the heart and stirs the imagination.

Winter Solstice by Jessica Wright

  • Artist

    Jessica Wright
  • Artist Bio

    Jessica has lived in Eagle County since 2016.  Through the technique of gestural abstraction, she invites us into a world of enchantment: a world of forested landscapes that are sometimes burning and bright and other times shrouded in mist. Self-taught, Jess has been painting since the age 12. About four years ago she abandoned the brush—after more than 25 years of work—and hit upon a “throwing” technique that employs acrylics, chopsticks and, of late, her own hands. Her paintings come to life with color and texture—and an immediacy that produces an almost child-like state of wonder and awe in the viewer.
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