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Ruth Stanley

Ruth's new role on the Vail Valley Art Guild board represents a significant opportunity for both the Guild and the Town of Avon. Her deep ties to the community, established during her decades in the valley and particularly through her engagement in Avon's civic and cultural activities, equip her uniquely for this liaison role. Ruth's experience on the Cultural Arts Special Events Committee since its foundation demonstrates her commitment to the arts and community engagement, and her position as a Council Representative further solidifies her as a bridge between local government and cultural initiatives.

Joining the Vail Valley Art Guild board, Ruth brings a wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective that will be invaluable in crafting strategies to enhance the Guild’s visibility and impact within the community. Her goals include fostering stronger community connections and leveraging her understanding of public engagement to benefit the Guild. Her experience with CASE will allow her to introduce innovative event ideas and community-focused arts programming that could broaden the Guild's appeal and deepen its community ties.

Ruth looks forward to assisting the Guild in building a robust relationship with the local community, which will not only enrich the cultural landscape of Avon but also reinforce the Guild as a pivotal player in the region's artistic community. Her vision includes creating collaborative opportunities that benefit both the Guild and the town, ultimately making art more accessible and engaging for residents and visitors alike.

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