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Recognizing the Contributions of Our Partners, Donors, and Volunteers

Why Has Vail Valley Art Guild Become So Successful in Our Community? ...You!

As the only visual arts non-profit serving all of Eagle County, we rely on you: partners, donors, and volunteers to help achieve our mission: enriching lives by fostering and promoting artistic growth and building awareness of the visual arts in Eagle County. Without their support, we would struggle to sustain our operations and make a meaningful impact for our members and our community. 

Together we create opportunities for our members and community by providing outreach & education programs, and building awareness of the artistic talent in Eagle County.

"When I moved here, I didn't know where to start with my interest in photography.  The Guild helped me get established and provided the confidence for me to show my work at local libraries." -Guild member

What Does That Look Like?

Our partnerships include other non-profit organizations, businesses, government agencies, and community groups. They provide valuable support and resources, such as access to funding, increased visibility and reach, and the ability to leverage different skills and strengths. This is essential for amplifying our impact and creating positive experiences for our members and community.

Donors are organizations or individuals who provide financial support or products to help achieve our mission and goals. We rely on the generosity of donors to continue our work and make a positive impact for our members and community.

Did you know you could become a Premium or Sponsor Member today? By doing so, you receive all of the member benefits plus the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting our mission!  Contact Us if you'd like to convert your current membership.

Volunteers are Guild members who provide the gift of time for catalog building, managing our galleries and events, technology support, content authoring, member services, teaching, and communication.

Mission Possible By partnering with Vail Valley Art Guild, you are joining us in establishing and maintaining a vibrant community of visual artists and photographers that spans all ages and backgrounds. With your help, our mission to enriching lives by fostering and promoting artistic growth and building awareness of the visual arts in Eagle County, can continue to soar. We thank you!

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